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Zapisz Zapisz

To my open memory, the threads are intertwined

To my open memory, the threads are intertwined

Eyes closed, body open,

Shards of light, black holes,

Suspended images, confusing images.

How to reach this burst of light,

To enlighten what is obscured!

How to remember a lived moment,

To tell it to his peers,

How to make this image clear,

To discover the way of light!

Threads everywhere, crisscrossed, interlaced, tangled and piled,

A black light dominates the space.

All ways, are revealed at the same time.

Stunning light makes the path disappear.

Eyes open, looking for a new perspective,

To the right, not to the left, slightly higher, two steps back…

Here! Cartography is drawn and gives meaning to my questions.

I shut the body for a moment, and everything is blurred again.