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Zapisz Zapisz

Family pearls

Video 8’38 ”

Editing: Hichem Ben Khélifa

A soft and skilful hand caresses perfectly spherical semolina grains and recalls a ritual of the women of the Medina modeling these marbles, the main ingredient of a typical Tunisian dish.

The hand moves the spheres to his liking and reveals moments of a life full of images and memories of a memorable era. From birth to death, the hand of destiny plays with the grains of time, marks the treasures of the family and renews the natural cycle of life.

– 2016 “Trace” Fragment of a contemporary Tunisia, French Institute of Tunisia, Tunis.
– 2015 «Trace» Fragment of a contemporary Tunisia – MUCEM | (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) – Marseille.
– 2014 El Medina Gallery, Bamako, Mali.
– 2014 Sos Borj in peril – Sfax – Tunisia.