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Pink Revolution

“Pink revolution” triptych photography

A series of colorful pictures illustrate different parts of a woman, blending in a contrasted atmosphere of a “pink camouflage”: Tunisia on a pink little cloud.
Shortly after the revolution, this pinky cloud, ephemeral, was pulverized by the deliberate seed of a thick fog where confusion reigns. So, many tried to find a way, but few could spawn their own way. Directions are most often agreed and obvious: on the right, on the left, to the center… neglecting the flight to heaven, “la vie en rose” as a dream and hope of an accessible evolution.

– 2011   Al Abdelliya Palace – Tunis.

– 2013   The dark Fountain – Aix.

– 2014   Arles Off – La fontaine obscure – Arles.

– 2014   Imago Mundi Tunisie – Fondation Luciano Benetton.