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Looking for a lost link …

“Looking for a lost link …” is an installation in space with wire and black light, in the framework of SOS Borj in peril 2014, Sfax, Tunisia

“Looking for a lost link …” is an installation in space that deals with forgotten rituals and seeks to establish links with the past.

Words woven by luminous wires form a new architecture of space. The past illuminates our future and frees our present.

Prayers came straight out of the memory, throwing from their entrails strings of light to illuminate the path of the past and bar the way to the poisoned evil of the scorpions.

“The decor was planted in the 1950s, in a city in central Tunisia rich in its Medina and all the people who bloom on its outskirts. The cold winter season and the beginning of the school year were confined to the many apartments and houses, strewn in the bowels of the Medina, looking for the proximity of the schools and the heat.

When summer came to a close, people opened their portals and the women went out of their way to put the Borjs in place to house the whole family during the holidays.

Before the occupation of these high places a 200-year-old, man spent the night and hung scraps of paper scribbled with prayers like a spell cast to ward off evil and fortify himself against the poison of the scorpion ”

Neila Mhiri