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Zapisz Zapisz

Facelike Party / Facelike Party

Project presented at the Multidisciplinary Festival of Contemporary Art


2012 – 2013

Wadi Mhiri & Mouna Jemal

Facelike Party / Facelike Party

Performance – Installation

The artists go into a campaign, imposing themselves on the walls of the city and on the web. It is a fictional and artistic electoral campaign that questions identity, belonging and freedom of choice. A playful citizen action, in which the spectators become actors, despite, surreptitiously discovering their image in the electoral frameworks. The artists invite you to relive a thrilling moment and give you an appointment at the polling station to participate in a joyfully diverted ritual. For in fact, what do we vote for? For a speech? For an appearance? Through this visual performance, Mouna and Wadi ask the following question:
What if art could creates from a singularity, manufacturing the common, the living together to reconcile all the members of this plural Tunisia?