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Zapisz Zapisz

Identity on order

“Identity on order” is a series of 5 photos of 30 x 270 cm

– 2013 B’chira Art Center – Tunis

– 2013 National Library – Tunis.

– 2014 Palais Kheireddine Pacha – Tunis.

Each of us tries to find himself with his identity, in his way due to its complexity. Influenced by our undergone, in the midst of the society, and our belonging, our identity belongs to us only in a part; sometimes even it escapes us when the manipulations multiply. Solely our consciousness can save us and enlighten us the way to personality. A solid identity is acquired and assumed with time, so it remains stable, sure, and constitute the base of our personality.

My capacity to assume my difference to the others, my willingness to move barriers or not is a matter of choice. Giving me the freedom to adapt, will not change either my person or my identity.