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Zapisz Zapisz

under your glances

“Under your glances …” is an installation, realized at the B’chira Art Center in 2012.

It is composed of a set of chairs, dressed in a black fabric, and an observer’s eye that controls the political game.

“Huge black and mysterious waves with unknown heads that guide and guide. They are torn and cause great agitation, accentuated by the manipulative effect of the beautiful moon yet so distant. Often violent vortices are created and some ideas are engulfed, others emerging under the gaze of the inhabitants of the depths. The latter observes their spells tossed to the winds, mixed with the old troubled waters that dig the borders.

And yet, on the horizon, a white gleam almost invisible, nourished by the intensity of their gazes. Only a permanent visual control of the waves could save them and broaden their horizons … ” Neila Mhiri