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Zapisz Zapisz

We promise you …

Technic: Installation wire and black light
Date and place: See Djerba July 2017 at the Mediterranean Cultural Center of Houât Souk.

Promises, promises, and promises. They promise changes, for the time of a beautiful speech, the time to gather the gratitude of the actions never carried out. Promises are never kept. 40,600 workstations that they are supposed to create, 1513 archaeological sites that they are supposed to restore, 3200 projects to develop public spaces, on papers, that they plan to carry out. Large terms are quickly used : cleanliness, environment, local democracy, decentralization, etc.

The installation “We promise you …” is made in a building dating from 1908, it served as a public treasure in Houmt Souk in Djerba.

The work is constructed by white threads revealed in black light and has an image and text arranged on the ceiling using the technique of anamorphosis. In the latter, the image is visible only from one privileged point. As you move around the room, the image is distorted, stretching strangely and will no longer have any meaning.

The message of the installation is addressed to politicians and their demagogic discourses, which, as anamorphosis, from an angle of view appear clear and promising, but quickly lose all their senses as soon as one turns away. Then by discovering the work, the visitor is invited to look for the location of visibility, to observe the message and to decipher it.