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Plunge into the light what was in the night

“Plunges into the light what was in the night” is an installation with wire and black light realized in 2014 at Sadika’s Art Space, Gammarth, Tunisia.

The project “Plunges into the light what was in the night” is inspired by the painting “Eros” by Paul Klee. It consists of dressing an interior space with stretched wires illuminated thanks to the black light. These threads; these fine and luminous lines converge towards a single point, the summit. The latter is the source of the radiance of the world around us.

A pyramid, with the same proportions and orientations of Kheops of Giza, is built. Space becomes a meeting place between two worlds: the rational world and the magical world, the material world and the spiritual world, the temporal “I” and the eternal “Self”. The pyramid channels, amplifies, transmit cosmic and solar energies. It allows men to plunge into the light what was in the night to get closer to the “Self” radiating inside.

The spectator is invited to plunge into a bath of light where he will be carried away, perhaps, towards an endless day … to a sea without storm “Within me undoubtedly, a sea, because I am sensitive. The irremediable is to feel in such a way that at every extremity there, reigns the storm and nowhere a master who commands chaos. Paul Klee.

Time passes, 100 years ago. Is there something changing?

Between the past, the present and the future of the lines are woven, and we are always looking for them. Where do we come from ? Where are we ? Where are we going ?

Three moments, three points are always on the same plane makes alleys and returns and which leave us perplexed. To reach the summit, to the radiating “Self”; is to gather together in a single point the dispersed directions of our past, present and future life.

Is there beyond our silent past, an endless future, a present without chaos …?