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Zapisz Zapisz


“Dress-Skin” is a serie of dresses modeled with white clay

One day, I was behind the scenes of fashion as a stylist. I dreamed of a fabric that makes its travel by taking the silk road to my home, soaked in incense and spice perfumes, bathed in warm colors of  the orient.

Wedding of jasmine and paprika, rose and curry, amber and saffron … a real gem to carve.

I dreamed of eternal robes that awaken my senses, which animate my imagination and stimulate my curiosity.

These dresses to which I gave life through the white earth that I shaped, molded, touched, felt, loved, perfumed, caressed, wrapped in cotton wool as a baby …

Mixing ceramics, photographs, enamels and lacerated images, my dresses embody our five senses and are loaded with enigmas, memories, love and feelings … and my dream came true.