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Vicious Circle

Cercle vicieux

Houda Ghorbel & Wadi Mhiri with the participation of Niklas Grun.

“Vicious circle” is an installation made with wire and black light under the door Spanish, la Goulette.

In a black and cold world, a familiar wind of death blows to the beginning of the third world war. Under the watchful and protective eye, the web of a mutated and camouflaged form of war is woven. Murderous conflicts erupt under the effect of human bombs replacing metal, the life of the human being becomes futile.

Faced with the infinite generosity of the earth and its resources offered by a gesture of unconditional and pure love, man reveals himself disembarking from his greed. Tearing away all the riches with gluttony, he willingly pours torrents of blood in which millions of mutilated corpses float.

No country is spared, pushed by a hatred ingested methodically, several young wanderers are seen to spark an exceptional existence mystified by illusions. They throw themselves to pieces like puppets in rags to serve political interests, killing a few thousand, a few million souls.

No sea is exempt from welcoming thousands of young people in their lap, trying to fulfill the dream of a better life. A dream drowned in the deep waters of the earth, in places where the waves are silent.

It all started with a dream:

Dreaming of eating …

Dreaming of working in better conditions …

Dreaming of having a home …

Dreaming of founding a family …

Dreaming of a better life …

To accomplish his dreams, each of us follows a path …

The roads became more and more narrow and even sometimes interrupted. Everyone is doing their best to get through them. There are those who reach the end of the crossing and others perish in the midst of their quests.

It’s so cold on the ground, a wind of death blows strong, advances, then turns in circles, never stopping, never remembering the beginning of this vicious circle.

The expression of this disarray is represented by an art installation which consists of drawing the map of the world on a black tulle embroidered with white threads illuminated with Black light. From each country, white threads are suspended along an axis, and at their ends, ragged puppets are attached and piled up next to each other as voided of their souls. A virtual representation of the real world of today where the situation is changed and each person manipulates and manipulates democracy and freedom of expression in the name of peace. This war will be properly called “Third World War” only when historians will memorize and write about our present time … Meanwhile the disaster is already there …!



The project is conceived as part of the Jaou Tunis 2017 contemporary art event with the collaboration of the Interférence collective and the Goethe Institut.