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Wadi Mhiri’s Biography

In his recent works, Wadi Mhiri directs his artistic attention to the nature and causes of individual behavior embedded in collective processes, social situations, and socio-cultural environments. He traces socio-psychological developments and seeks to understand personal and communal time- and lifelines. With the means of art, he explores the interplay of personal and collective memory and their reciprocal influences as a continuum of processes from the beginning of life to its end. He collects and sorts what is observable in the development of a person, an environment or the world and transposes the perceptible principles onto visual esthetics.

His artworks are embedded in selected sites which turn into a system of interactive relationships. No given interior, no implemented object, no projected image and no move in space can be isolated in regarding it but is a part of a whole which cannot be divided or reduced in any way to the sum of their separate material parts. What constitutes the “work” is no longer its material or medium, nor its visual or pictorial representation, but what is perceptible by our senses and by our awareness as a unique system. Wadi Mhiri artworks no longer aim to be an illustration or a metaphor but seek to intervene directly on our realities.

// Bettina Pelz: Working with Wadi Mhiri. Tunis, 18 September 2019.


We are living in a very demanding time and we care about the world. In a way, our works are like testimonials. We want to give an image to what shapes the face of our times.

// Bettina Pelz: Interview with Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri on 3 October 2017. Retrieved on 16 September 2019.


2017 // 2019 |, SEE DJERBA International Media Art Biennial
2016 // 2019 | Sé, SEGOU YELEN International Light Art Project
2016 // 2018 |, INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project
2018 |, LICHTUNGEN International Licht Art Biennial
2017 |, RESPONSIVE International Light Art Project
Since 2005 | Regular exhibtion activity, mainly in Tunisia.


Since 2008 |, Minceau Mirette Children Art Club, Founder, and director
2004 |, Artistic focus on visual art
1986 |, Studies at ESMOD


Lives and works in
1965 | Born