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Destroy the earth without further ado!

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Wadi Mhiri

1 // Title : Kamikaze Earth – Technic: glazed sandstone – Date: 2017

2// Title: The newborn is already here – Technic: glazed sandstone – Date: 2017

3// Title: The earth doesn’t swing anymore – Technic: glazed sandstone – Date: 2017

4//Title: Virus good for harvest – Technic: glazed sandstone – Date: 2017


Destroy the earth without further ado!

The virus of humanity continues to spread on earth as a cancer with a very slow evolution, but leading to a fatal outcome.

The earth defends itself and curls up in a ball, preparing its attack against those ungrateful and proud humans. Will she take revenge?

By placing himself as a king of the universe, man destroyed and polluted the nature to construct wonderful skyscrapers; he perfumes the plains of pesticides and contaminates the resources for more productivity. He creates and keeps boarders at the price of blood.

This will continue in a total impunity.

The earth is getting ready and is gathering its strength to express its fed up.

Long time in elaboration, the shell breaks the Earth’s mantle and points its threatening nose at its only mission of complete destruction. Directed to the sky and ready to blow everything up, a kamikaze land begins to emerge.

Armed with a belt in cartridges, or completely encrusted with different sizes’ of drums, looking like a tuft of rigid thorns, the blue globe launches into the destruction instead of building.

Africa’s situation is marked with blue flowers, representing an ironic side, where the earth is throwing flowers to the African leaders, as a reward for their contribution in setting on fire and blood, their countries to their own interest.

This distraught earth, facing the paradoxical Humans’ behaviors, which, from one hand, advocates the human rights’ equality and peace, and from the other hand, evolve in a total disrespect of the resources and the nature that surrounds them.

In its incomprehension, she observes, amazed, then angry, and when the injustice reaches its high, the earth skims its dementia and unlocks its grenade to suicide and be relieved of everything that constitutes it before becoming a dead body, before transforming herself to a trash planet, she prefers to die and keep the appearance of beauty and dignity.