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Biographie Wadi Mhiri

In his recent works, Wadi Mhiri directs his artistic attention to the nature and causes of individual behavior embedded in collective processes,

On behalf of the earth and the sea

Evi-Lichtungen 2018

Houda Ghorbel & Wadi Mhiri

Title of project: On behalf of the earth and the sea

Installation: wire and black light

Location : St.

Destroy the earth without further ado!

Wadi Mhiri

1 // Title : Kamikaze Earth – Technic: glazed sandstone – 

Ward & cartridges in virtual reality

Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri with the collaboration of Philip Belhassen

This project is a virtual exhibition “Ward &

Aseker essghar

Standing and proud, I inspire the light and I exhale my joy

Standing and proud,

Ward & cartouches fel Djebel 

“Ward & cartouches fel Djebel” is visual art exhibition, in open air, at the foot of the mountain Sammama (Sbeïtla,

Ward & Cartouches في الجبال – Houda Ghorbel & WAdi Mhiri

Exposition d’art visuel « Ward et Cartouches fel Djebel »

Lieu : Au pied du mont Sammama (Sbeïtla,

Vide-mémoire | Empty – Memory

Vide-mémoire” is a performance installation made with wire and black light, realized at Kishlat Sidi El Morjani,

Vicious Circle

Houda Ghorbel & Wadi Mhiri with the participation of Niklas Grun.

“Vicious circle” is an installation made with wire and black light under the door Spanish,

Containers for a continent

“Containers for a continent” is a floating installation built on the Niger river during the festival Ségou’Art 2016